Welcome to Morbi Tiles.

Home to 3rd largest ceramic tiles manufacturing cluster.

Highest number of digital printing machines

80 percent Morbi tiles factories are equipped with a digital printing machine, which provides endless design possibilities.

2nd largest POLISHED tile manufacturing after China

Polished tiles from Morbi are the most exported products among all kinds of tiles.
Morbi is the tiles production hub of India. It is a district place located in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat. Morbi tiles industry is home for >800 tile factories and this number is increasing. On average 20 new factories come up every year. As a result, production capacity expansion was massive during last 2 decades.

8-A National Highway from Wankaner to Morbi is flanked by tiles factories. After 2012 new areas covered such as Halvad road and Jetpar road. The polygonal region between – Jetpar, Morbi, Wankaner, and Matel – make the world’s 2nd largest tile cluster. This area we know as the Morbi tiles industry zone.

Vitrified tiles, Wall tiles, floor tiles, and porcelain slabs – are the main types of Morbi tiles.
Industry map of Morbi

What makes Morbi Tiles the next big thing in the global tile market?

Home to more than 800 tiles factories spread in an area of 40 km x 7 km
Cumulative industrial investment of more than INR 20000 Crore.
Manufactures more than 80% of total ceramic production in India.
Total installed capacity of 4 million Square Meter tiles per day.
Gives direct and indirect employment to over 600,000 people across India.
World’s 2nd largest tiles production zone (1st in Guangdong Province in China)

Why Indian tile industry mushroomed around Morbi?

Government supported by installing industrial gas line in the city in 2008
Easy access to raw materials and constant power supply from PGVCL.
Tiles were the right product due to the slowdown in roof tiles and brick industry.
Major seaports (Mundra and Kandla) are nearby. The logistics becomes cheaper.
Access to cheap labor on a contract basis. No need to employ a skilled workforce on a permanent basis.
Local industrialists have a tendency to recover fast from economic issues.
During 2023 Morbi exported tiles to 163 countries. It is an outsourcing zone as well. Domestic brands like Kajaria, HR Johnson, AGL, Somani outsource from Morbi. Global brands include Grupo Lamosa, Daltile, Portobello, Emser, RAK, etc.

GSPC has fueled the growth by installing the PNG gas line in the region. This has ensured continuous supply and stable temperature inside the kiln. Gas is a key cost factor in tile production.

Mundra and Kandla ports are within 180 km from Morbi. This helps Morbi tiles exporters to offer cheap prices. Over the next 10 years, the region can generate many jobs.

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Why a single factory can’t make all the size/type of tiles?
Most of the factories have either 1 or 2 production lines. At a time only one size can be produced on 1 line. If a factory wants to produce a different size it needs to changeover which generally doesn’t happen more then twice a month. So every month a factory with a single production line can produce 2 sizes efficiently.

Now about the different TYPE of product. A factory that makes ceramic wall tiles can’t make vitrified tiles in the same setup due to the difference in body preparation & temperature. So most of the big groups have separate factories for different TYPES of tiles like double charge, glazed porcelain, ceramic wall tiles, etc.
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