Hotels in Morbi

There are only a few good hotels in Morbi industrial area. The reason for this may be investing money in hotels is less lucrative compared to investing that money in one of the local factories!

Below tips will be useful before you book hotel:
Most hotels offer around 20% corporate discount to local companies. So ask your key supplier factory to book the hotel on your behalf!
At the time of check-in ask them to NOT to allot a room which is facing the main road. Else you may not have quite sleep due to honking horns of trucks!
Some of these hotels have separate non-veg restaurants on the upper floor of the hotel. So please inquire about that.
In last 3 years there are decent number of hotels came up in this industrial zone. Initially all provide great experience but we have experienced quality suffers as hotel become older (or more popular). Currently The Fern, Ravi Residency and Sayaji Hotel are more popular. Hotel Aditya (Mansingh Inn) is popular for good quality food they serve at their restaurant.

Top hotels in Morbi

The Fern Residency

This is a chain of nationwide hotels which started it’s Morbi operations in December 2019. The Fern residency at Morbi is clean, has 2 separate restaurants (one of them is for the non-veg food). The staff is courteous. The hotel is well located on the outskirts of the industry on a way leading towards the Mundra port. TIP: Remember to not stay in a room which is just below the restaurant, otherwise you won’t able to sleep till late at night till they finish moving chairs, tables in restaurants.

Sayaji Hotel

This is relatively new property. Guests like everything about this hotel but it is comparatively expensive.

Lords Eco Inn

This is another chain hotel with most properties in Gujarat. They inaugurated the Morbi hotel on 10th Oct 2019. The hotel is located on PIPLI ROAD which is a relatively new industrial area of Morbi. The hotel is just opposite to ITALAKE CERAMIC in case you are aware of it. If your suppliers are located in this area we recommend you stay at Lords Eco Inn (Morbi).

Hotel Ravi Residency

This hotel is well located in the industry. Most of returning visitors prefer to stay at this hotel. The hotel has a separate non-vegetarian restaurant on the top floor.

Hotel The Grand Vaibhav

This hotel is more spacious, clean, and luxurious. Sometime the traffic at nearby crossroads may delay your visiting schedules. This hotel also has a non-veg restaurant for those who prefer it.

The Shiv Ajanta

When this hotel was started years ago there were no good alternatives to stay in Morbi. So the hotel has many loyal customers. Also, serve non-veg food in an open terrace restaurant.

Again, consistency of quality food and service in not maintained at most of these hotels. So filter latest reviews before you choose any hotel.