Top global markets for Indian tiles

Recently we accessed the shipment data of 2023 for Morbi tiles. There are few countries which recently emerged as top exports markets for Indian tiles. For your ready reference we have put together 5 such top global destinations. For the context, we also listed top 10 exporters to each these key markets.


At top is US market. This market came up in the top charts only after Covid’19. That too is mainly due to leading tile buyers such as MSI and Floor&Decor based in US.


Despite initial difficulties, Indian factories made good number of shipments to Russian market during 2023.


Few years ago only wall tiles (30×60) were major product exported to Iraq. But now 60×60 (with 12 mm thickness) and other types of tiles are being shipped too.


There are more number of direct importers in Israel market. So most Morbi exporters and factories are working with one or more Israel importers.

United Arab Emirates

Being a trading hub, many global trading companies are based in JAFZA (Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority), RAKFZE and others. So practically the tile shipments sent to UAE are then shiped to other countries (mainly Africa and Arab nations). Many Indian factories (such as Aajveto) have their own companies registered in UAE.


If you are a new exporter of tiles from India, hope above data will help you understand which markets to look for for your first ever shipment. Always remember good quality and right price are the key for exports to any markets globally. For Morbi based factories, tiles price is easy to compare, but quality is highly subjective. So make sure you (and the client you are talking with) have clear understanding of the what he means by right quality tiles. We have a checklist for tiles quality here.
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Another setback for Morbi’s export sales

Update [10th August 2020]: Despite many worrying views about the anti-dumping and future outlooks before it was enforced, we have heard from authoritative experts that exports to Saudi and other GCC markets are still not reduced much. The anti-dumping measures were imposed on 6th June. In spite of that during June 2020 the tiles exports from Morbi to only Saudi Arabia crossed 2.47 million square meters. It converts to approx 1600 containers!

Manoj Ughareja from Velsaa Vitrified LLP and Ashok Patel from Veritaas Granito have views that there is not much effect of the anti-dumping measure as it was anticipated earlier.
In the midst of paranoia created by the Covid-19 situation, there is another blow to Morbi’s flourishing ceramic tiles industry.

This time the news is from GCC (Gulf Co-operation Council), it is the largest export market for Indian tiles. So far so that many factories in Morbi were erected only considering the major chunk of GCC as a key export market for their tiles.

(FYI: GCC member countries are Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, and UAE)

…and it is fact. We have analyzed the export figures (ex-Mundra port) between April 2019 to January 2020 and found that GCC markets stand at # 1 position with consumption of 38% Indian tile exports (see below pie-chart).

India’s export marketshare of ceramic and vitrified tiles (in %) from Munara port between April 2019 to January 2020

This data is shipments done from Mundra port between April 2019 to January 2020
We have also seen project reports of a few wall tiles factories (which they submit to avail bank loans). In such reports, they used to mention exports to Saudi Arabia as their 50% sales.

So much reliance on the single market has given a hard blow to many ceramic wall tiles factories in April 2020, when GCC market adopted 41.2% anti-dumping duty on 196 Morbi based tiles factories and whopping 106% on ALL other Indian factories (as well as exporters see the table in the FAQ section below).

We have covered some important questions related to this anti-dumping measure by GCC.
What options are left with Morbi tiles factories after implementation of this ADD (anti-dumping duty) structure?
They are left with 2 options as under:

Option 1: Morbi factories will have considerable excess production which they will be forced to sell in the domestic market, slashing prices further in the local market. (FYI domestic market is not favorable to tiles factories due to delays in payment realization). This will result in less profitability.

Option 2: Another option left is to run the production under capacity. This is the least favorable choice as it also affects production costs.
Rate of dumping duty on CIF value (%) Indian origin Chinese origin
Non sampling cooperating companies 41.20% (196 Indian companies fall in this category) 23.5% (89 Chinese companies fall in this category)
ALL other companies 106% 76%
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Opportunity to participate in B2B Event & Trade Delegation to Brazil & Mexico (by CAPEXIL under MAI Plan with Highly Subsidized Rate & Airfare Grant)

Below is an event notification sent by Capexil
Warm Greetings from CAPEXIL – India’s Premier International Trade Facilitation & Export Promotion Council under the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India.

As you appreciate that the Latin America & NAFTA Region especially Brazil &Mexico are the most significant trading partners for India, with immense export potential for Indian Manufacturers & Exporters. However, it has been hugely underutilized & the Indian Entrepreneurs are still to tap& explore these regions to the utmost level. In recent years, India’s total trade with this region has increased substantially especially with Brazil & Mexico being top two leading economies in this region but there is still long way to go and a lot to achieve as Brazil is the 8th Largest Economy in the world followed by Mexico as one of the Top Economies of NAFTA Region.

To strive further on this path, CAPEXIL intends to organize very exclusive B2B Events (Buyer Seller Meets) along with series of Importers’ Outreach Programs, Business Networking Sessions at Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Mexico City (Mexico) during first week of December, 2018. This event is specifically planned and will be executed between Indian Exporters & Latin American Importers – Distributors – Stockiest as well as relevant Industry Associations – Chambers in Brazil & Mexico in order to promote Indian Exports of Building & Construction Materials, Home Décor & Furnishing Products (including Granite, Marble, Natural Stones, Ceramic Products, Sanitary Ware, Bathroom Fittings, All kinds of Tiles, Paints, Varnish & Allied Products, Glass & Glassware, Plywood & Wood Products, Cement & Clinker Products etc.), All types of Rubber Manufactured Products (Non Tyres& Tyres Sectors), Minerals & Mining Products, Books – Publications – Printing & Paper Products etc.

Brazil & Mexico hold immense business opportunities for India as per the below EXIM Data which itself proves the great potential of these markets & prospect for Indian Exporting Community of above mentioned CAPEXIL Products.

Brazil and Mexico’s Import of CAPEXIL’s Product from World.
Calendar Year
(Value in USD Thousand)
BRAZIL 99,179,566
MEXICO 258,126,577
India’s Export of CAPEXIL’s Product to Brazil & Mexico as per Calendar Year:
Financial Year
(Value in USD Thousand)
India’s Export to BRAZIL 2,873,127
India’s Export to MEXICO 3,700,188
In order to achieve maximum mileage from the said event, CAPEXIL plans to organize series of Buyer Seller Meets(B2B Events) coupled with Business Networking Sessions, Importers’ Outreach Programs, Field Visits & Follow Ups to convert the entire exercise into comprehensive business proposition for our member participants.


Highly Subsidised Participation Charges under MAI Scheme of Govt. of India especially for the benefit of MSME & SSI Exporters: Rs.1,40,000/-per member firm (Rs. One Lac Forty Thousand only)which includes…

– Participation in all the B2B Events (Buyer Seller Meets) / Business Networking Sessions / Importers’ Outreach Programs as well as Field / Clients’ Visits (if feasible & planned)
– Company Profile in CAPEXIL’s prestigious Colourful Brochure to be distributed for desired exposure
– Hotel – 5 nights for 1 person per company on Twin Sharing in both the countries
– Refreshment & Lunch during B2B Events / Buyer Seller Meets
– Airports & Venue Transfers in Group

In case of the additional second person / official participating & traveling from the same company, the Participation Fees per Company would be Rs. 1,80,000/- (Rupees One Lac Eighty Thousand only)

In case if you are not interested to avail Hotel as well as Group Transfers for Airport & B2B Venues etc., you may participate @ Rs. 90,000/- (Rupees Ninety Thousand only) per company for 1 Person and for additional second person (if any), the Participation Fees would be Rs. 1,00,000/- (Rupees One Lac only) per company.


– In addition to above, Reimbursement of Air Travel (Partial or Full for One Person from One Company in Economy Excursion Class) may be provided to the eligible member exporters subject to approval of the MOC&I& subject to maximum ceiling of Rs. 1.00 Lac for 1 person per company on compliance of all requirements & documentation as per MAI Guidelines & requirement of Accounts & Finance Dept. of the Council.
– To avail subsidy of Rs.1.00 lac, apart from other conditions of MAI Guidelines please note i) Members of CAPEXIL with exports upto F.O.B. value of Rs.30 crores in preceding financial year. ii) Members to have completed 12 months of membership and is regularly filling returns with CAPEXIL iii) Permissible only to the regular Director / Partner / Proprietor of the company iv) Claim forms duly filled-in and completed in all respects must be submitted to CAPEXIL within 90 days of return to India.
– The Participation Fees as mentioned above is Non Refundable in case of cancellation by the Member Firm after applying for any reason / circumstances whatsoever including Medical Emergency or any other issue.

In case of Rejection of Visa of any of the delegate in spite of his/her submission of all the documents as per requirement in timely manner & following all the procedures / process in proper manner, the Council may refund maximum up to 75% of the payment / fees or less which the delegate has paid to the Council if we find the genuineness in the matter. However, it is solely at the discretion of the Council and the decision of the Council’s Management is full & final.

– Only regular Director / Partner / Proprietor of the company are requested to participate in the said event to interact one to one with Overseas Importers in meaningful way to seal the possible business opportunities.

Please note: This offer is valid only till 16thJuly, 2018 (Monday)

In view of above, applications are invited from member exporters of the above products to actively participate. Kindly send your formal application, payment by Demand Draft / At Par Multicity Cheque / Bank RTGSin favour of CAPEXIL along with attached Registration Form duly filled, sealed & signed to enable us to confirm your participation on First Come First Serve Basis.



IFSC Code: IOBA0000585
Account with Bank: Indian Overseas Bank
Bank Address: 6 Royd Street, Kolkata 700016
Type of Account: SB
Account Number: SB A/C No. 058501000074371
Beneficiary Name: CAPEXIL
Address: 1/1 Wood Street, VanijyaBhavan, 3rd Floor, Kolkata 700016
Beneficiary’s contact no: 033-22891721/22/23 Fax: 033-22891724 E-mail: &

For any further query or assistance required, pls. contact the below CAPEXIL Event Officials to assist you.
Shri V. R. Chitalia, Director, CAPEXIL Mumbai.
Mobile: +91 98203 78805,
Tel.: 022 2351 7178, 23523410/0084
ShriKuntalGhosh, Ex. Officer, CAPEXIL Kolkata.
Mobile: +91 9674992355,
Tel.: 033 2289 1721/23/25
Encl.: Registration / Application Form in Specific Format

Looking forward for your active participation & prompt confirmation.

Kind regards,
T. K. Bhattacharyya,
Executive Director,
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