Top global markets for Indian tiles

Recently we accessed the shipment data of 2023 for Morbi tiles. There are few countries which recently emerged as top exports markets for Indian tiles. For your ready reference we have put together 5 such top global destinations. For the context, we also listed top 10 exporters to each these key markets.


At top is US market. This market came up in the top charts only after Covid’19. That too is mainly due to leading tile buyers such as MSI and Floor&Decor based in US.


Despite initial difficulties, Indian factories made good number of shipments to Russian market during 2023.


Few years ago only wall tiles (30×60) were major product exported to Iraq. But now 60×60 (with 12 mm thickness) and other types of tiles are being shipped too.


There are more number of direct importers in Israel market. So most Morbi exporters and factories are working with one or more Israel importers.

United Arab Emirates

Being a trading hub, many global trading companies are based in JAFZA (Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority), RAKFZE and others. So practically the tile shipments sent to UAE are then shiped to other countries (mainly Africa and Arab nations). Many Indian factories (such as Aajveto) have their own companies registered in UAE.


If you are a new exporter of tiles from India, hope above data will help you understand which markets to look for for your first ever shipment. Always remember good quality and right price are the key for exports to any markets globally. For Morbi based factories, tiles price is easy to compare, but quality is highly subjective. So make sure you (and the client you are talking with) have clear understanding of the what he means by right quality tiles. We have a checklist for tiles quality here.