About this website

This website (MorbiTiles.org) tries to…

– Be a guide for first-time visitors to Morbi
Consolidate Indian tile industry-related information at a single place.
– Publish helpful and updated information all the time to your benefit.

We are a bunch of enthusiasts who are willing to share their expertise with a broader audience via this website.

We wanted to build a platform that gives equal treatment to all factories of Morbi. We are not affiliated with any factories whatsoever. So you will never find any company which is marked as premium, platinum, or preferred.

Okay so what is revenue model?
Well, we DO NOT want any sponsor from the industry as it can make our content look biased towards some brands. For the routine maintenance of this website, we may try to recover the cost from ads by Google (in future). So you may see ads on some of the pages. Our website seats on one of the fastest server.

To improve the user experience (UX) all websites use tracking cookies and so we do (only the necessary cookies). But we fully comply with the GDPR rules of Europe.
We love & reward feedback! So please send your suggestions to us. As a reward for your suggestion, we may send you a copy of the latest ceramic tiles directory with all useful contact information.

Every-year many new factories start their production and some old factories change their product type (or sizes). Thus it is a challenge for us to keep the information on this website relevant. We request you to please contact us if you do not find any information you were looking for. We will personally guide you and include the details in our next update.

Thanks !