Latest tiles price for top 9 sizes

If you are new to tiles business, the calculation of landed price may be confusing. This is true when you are trying to source from Morbi directly. Here we have simplified tile procurement costs.

How to calculate the landed cost of tiles?

There are two common delivery terms used:
– Ex-factory
– FOR (Free-On-Road) like FOR Jaipur, FOR Coimbatore, etc

Unless specified manufacturers will quote you Ex-factory. Which means this price is without…
– GST (Goods & Service tax)
– Transportation
Ex-factory rate (a)
Price till gate of the factory is called Ex-factory or EXW (Ex works)

As a norm, for domestic market you will get the rate of ceramic wall & floor tiles per box. The rate of vitrified tiles are per square feet.

For instance, Mr. Sharma who has a tile shop in Jaipur wants to order 300x600mm wall tiles from Morbi. The factory offered him ₹ 195/box (5 piece packing) ex-factory rate.
GST (Goods and Service Tax) (b)
Now he will need to add GST amount to this.

Let us assume Mr. Sharma having a firm with GST tax registration. Revised rate of GST for ceramic tiles w.e.f 10.11.2017 has been 18%
Transportation cost (freight) (c)
We need to calculate the fraction of transportation per box (per square feet in case of vitrified tiles).

E.g. Morbi to Jaipur transportation is approx ₹ 1300/Tonne (1000 kg). Now 1 box of 300×600 is 14.5 kg so there will be 69 such boxes in 1 tonne (1000 kg) ₹ 1300 / 69 boxes = ₹ 18.85 is the transportation cost per box
Now the price estimation…

Ex-factory rate ₹ 195 … (a)
GST @ 18% ₹ 35.1 … (b)
So Ex-factory with GST becomes ₹ 230.1
Transportation cost per box ₹ 18.85 … (c)

Landed rate per box ₹ 248.95 … (a)+(b)+(c)

… this is your landed rate for 300×600 mm wall tiles at the Jaipur. It is also called FOR (Free-on-road) price.

– Above method can work for any size of vitrified tiles or wall tiles. You will need to know weight per box for your desired size
– Please check who will arrange for transit insurance. If the factory is arranging transportation they will have all India transit insurance. Make sure you arrange your transit insurance if you will arrange transportation.

Order quantity:
To know the quantity you will require, this tool has preset for most sizes. When you order tiles we recommend adding 10% more than the required quantity due to the below reasons…
Breakage during transportation
Wastage during tile fixing
You will need to cut tiles at the corners/edges of the rooms. Sometimes cut can go wrong. So be ready with extra quantity.
You would also like to keep extra tiles with you to replace in case there is any future damage.

Price indications for domestic market

The below indications are ex-factory without GST. They are only for a reference point to make proper decisions.

Ceramic wall tiles prices

Remember this…
Wall tiles prices are for regular tiles. For exports, they make tiles with waterproof engobe to avoid watermark issue.
Many factories can have a higher price as per grams of glaze they use per piece and thickness of a tile.
Some factories charge extra for design innovations.
Some special applications over tiles can increase the price too.
To increase the whiteness of super white wall tiles, the factory, adds extra zircon. This can increase the cost a lot.
200×300 mm
This is the cheapest tiles made at Morbi. It can cost around ₹ 90 per box (12 pieces per box = it can cover 7.75 sq feet)

300×450 mm
The price for this size can start from ₹ 130 per box onwards. This size (12”x18”) is most versatile as it has the right thickness and ideal size for medium size homes. Apparently, it has gained good penetrations throughout the Indian market. A box of 12”x18” has 6 pieces so it can cover an area of 8.72 square feet.

300×600 mm
This size is popular in export as well as domestic market. Currently, the price is around ₹ 195 per box. A box has 5 pieces of tile which can cover 9.68 sq feet.

Ceramic floor tiles prices

300×300 mm (12”x12”) starts from ₹ 120 per box. There is non-digital version available in 300x300mm which is cheaper. 1 box = 10 pieces = 9.68 sq feet area.

Remember 300x300mm tiles are available in two types of body (real floor body and wall body). The wall body 300x300mm has high water absorption (around 14 to 15 %). This makes them cheaper but has less desired strength. When possible please choose “floor body” floor tiles!

400×400 mm (16”x16”) this size is becoming less popular. Price can be ₹ 140 for non-digital print and ₹ 145 for digital print. A box of 16”x16” tiles have 6 pieces and covers 10.33 square feet area.

600×600 mm (24”x24”) this size in the ceramic body is a cheaper option (over same size GVT) if you need a matt surface. It can cost you around ₹ 255 per box. 1 box = 4 pieces = 15.5 square feet.

Vitrified tiles prices

Remember rates of vitrified tiles are per square feet. GVT tiles have the same price for matt or glossy (polished) surface. But dark color polished tiles have an extra gloss to make them attractive. The extra glaze adds up around ₹ 5 per square feet.

600×600 mm (2’x2′) can be ₹ 25 per square feet and 600×1200 mm (2’x4′) can be ₹ 26 per square feet. A box of both sizes has same coverage of 15.5 sq feet.

Double charge tiles 600×600 mm light colors cost ₹ 28 per sq.ft. and for dark color it will be extra.

Soluble salt type is the cheapest vitrified tiles within a range from ₹ 17.5 to ₹ 18.5 per square feet. Always choose nano-coated tiles in this category.

Export price list

On the request of visitors, we have indicated below the export price list 2022. It covers popular sizes from Morbi. Remember all these prices are in US$, per square meter and FOB Mundra Port (Incoterms 2020)

Ceramic tiles price list

20×30 cm wall
The cheapest tile from Morbi. Price with waterproof engobe (recommended for exports)

Porcelain tiles (vitrified) price list

These tiles are always rectified & waterproof. Thickness 7 to 9 mm.

PGVT = Polished Glazed Vitrified Tiles
60×60cm SS
For SS price may fluctuate as per demand and supply

Slabs price list

Over the last 3 years, the price of the slabs is slashed a lot. Slabs are nothing but a large format porcelain tiles. So it is also possible to make some slabs in a traditional setup. If you are buying extra-large (XXL) format remember to buy from a factory which has System lamina press
80×160 cm
Price varies if made with traditional press or with lamina.


What affects the price of a tile?
When it comes to prices of different types of tiles it varies and depends on the below criteria…

Type – is it ceramic or porcelain?
Sub-type – wall, floor, soluble salt, double charge, GVT, color-body, full-body, etc
Size – bigger the size more premium the companies charge. But it is not always the case. E.g. subway wall tiles such as 100x200mm, 200x200mm, 100x300mm, etc… costs more compared to 300×450 mm, 300×600 mm
Surface finish – sugar finish, hi-gloss tile, carving effect, metallic effect, roto effect, etc have extra pricing
Brandtile companies with better brand equity have higher the price
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Response from Morbi Tiles

This quantity can easily make full truck load. So it is advisable to buy directly from factory. Remember to order little extra to cover the breakage in transit + during installation.

Kind regards

April 5, 2021


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