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Our visitors ask many questions that are not explained elsewhere. Some of them are common but still useful for a person new to this industry.

By and large, we have answered most of the common questions below. Also given some valuable tips about Morbi tiles. Click on a question to reveal the answer.
Which is the best place for lunch during a busy day?
If you are in Morbi for a day or two you will run out of time to go for lunch and come back to work. Believe us or not, the best place is to eat at the factory itself! All factories have a kitchen where they cook nice local food which you will like. You will save your time too.
Why pallets are used to pack tiles? What are the pros and cons?
Pallets add INR 1 per square feet ($0.15 per m2) cost to a tile shipment.

In the domestic market, there is no need for pallet packing. It is ideal for sending cargo to long distances. Several pallet suppliers can arrange packing at your chosen factory.

+ Pallets protect your tiles from breakage.
+ You can load or unload fast a full container when tiles they pack your goods in pallets.

– They can load less number of boxes when the tiles they pack your cargo in pallets.
– It costs extra as mentioned above.
At Morbi, any factory can arrange to load pallets inside the container. Check if a forklift is available at the destination to offload the containers?

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Which condition opan tailes shop

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