makes tiles in these sizes:

Title: Colortile


The group as a whole makes ceramic wall tiles & GVT tiles. The group consists of 3 factories…

  1. Color Tiles Pvt Ltd (located on Old Ghuntu road) makes ceramic wall tiles 30×60 cm. Contact person is Mr Rajan
  2. Senis Ceramic Pvt. Ltd. (located on Lakhdhirpur road) makes ceramic wall tiles 30×90 cm & 30×45 cm. Contact person is Mr. Karan, Mr. Sandeep
  3. Color Granito Pvt Ltd (located at Ratavirda, Sartanpar Road) makes glazed vitrified tiles in 30x120cm, 19.5x120cm, 60×120 cm, 30x60cm, 60×60 cm, 40x80cm, 80x80cm Contact person is Mr Jil Zalaria

The distinguishable thing we observed about Color Granito factory is automation at offloading from the kiln and re-loading on the polishing line. This process is handled by robotic machinery which gives more control over tile handling and also keeps hot tiles straight (possibly avoids bending). Another is the planarity machine by APPEL which can control rectangularity, thickness, straightness, size, etc, and marks the defective tiles.

Contact person:

Phone Number:

  1. +919727700002


Colortiles Pvt.Ltd,
Old Ghuntu Road,
8-A, National Highway
Morbi – 363642
Gujarat, India